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Rosary Rings

By admin | December 10, 2015 offers custom inside engraving for all the rosary rings we sell. All are crafted from solid 14K gold or solid sterling silver to last a lifetime. Our computerized engraving equipment can scale text, in both block and script, to accommodate most needs. Personalizing your rosary ring with inside engraving is a great way to make a special gift even more special.

Rosary rings, or finger rosaries, represent a single decade. Each has a cross in the center and ten raised beads around the outside. They are very comfortable to wear and convenient to use. While reflecting on one of the mysteries of the rosary, start by reciting the Our Father Prayer on the cross. Then rotate the ring to the first of the ten raised beads and recite the Hail Mary prayer. Continue rotating the finger rosary to each of the ten beads and reciting the Hail Mary Prayer. Once you return to the cross, recite the Glory Be prayer. You have now completed a decade of the rosary.

Traditionally, praying the full rosary involves fifteen decades. One decade for each of the mysteries of the rosary… 5 Joyful Mysteries, 5 Sorrowful Mysteries, 5 Glorious Mysteries. In 2002 Pope John Paul II announced the addition of the 5 Luminous Mysteries. Some choose to pray all twenty mysteries as a full rosary. Others still pray the traditional fifteen.

A standard, or traditional, rosary is 5 decades. While many choose to use a traditional rosary, many prefer the convenience of a single decade rosary ring. Keeping track of the decades prayed is as easy as moving the ring to the next finger as each decade is finished. In addition to rosary rings, offers fashionable single decade rosary bracelets as well as traditional length rosaries in addition to our rosary rings.

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