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Personalized Baptism Gifts

By admin | June 25, 2008

Cross with Heart Baptismal PinPersonalized Baby Gifts – A Great Way To Welcome A New Arrival In The Family

The arrival of a new baby, is often commemorated with a special gift. A personalized baby gift shows that there was a lot of thought behind the gift. And although a personalized gift can cost near to nothing, it will send a very positive message, and will be treasured and cherished for years to come.

Personalized baby gifts can be given for various occasions. These include, but are not limited to, Christenings, Baptisms, baby showers, Christmas, and first birthdays…

For a christening,there are several great personalized gifts to consider. A personalized baby blanket will be sure to commemorate that special day. Another great idea is baby’s first Bible. Baby christening bracelets are also a popular choice, and are great for the child to have when they are older.

Baptisms are often another call for celebration. Just like at a christening, people tend to buy gifts. A baptism photo frame, with a picture of the baptism, makes a wonderful personalized baby gift. It will provide an everlasting memory, of the special day. Other gifts that can be given at baptism; include personalized plates, teddy bears, and baby Bibles.

Another great occasion for a personalized baby gift is a baby shower. Many people give gifts such as personalized plush toys, personalized gift sets and personalized blankets and towels. One of the most popular gifts given at baby showers include personalized baby gowns.

Christmas is an excellent time for giving a personalized baby gift. ‘Baby’s first Christmas’ gifts are very poplular. You can buy personalized tree decorations, baby’s first book and, also, baby’s first Christmas teddy bears. Christmas is a great time to spoil children, no matter how old they are!

Baby’s first birthday is yet another opportunity to give a personalized baby gift. There are plenty of gift options available for baby’s first birthday including teddy bears, picture frames, various toys and even piggy banks.

If there is more than one baby, such as in the case of twins or triplets, personalized baby gifts are even more important. By personalizing the gifts, you can easily distinguish which gift belongs to which baby. There are also cute things that identify them as twins or triplets, such as a “Double the Trouble” t-shirts. Another popular gift to give twins or triplets includes photo frames with a picture of the babies in them. Also, plaques and alike gift sets, in different colors are available, and make excellent presents.

Now that you know what to buy, the question becomes where to buy it. Many main street stores sell personalized baby gifts. So it really shouldn’t be hard to find something that you like. Also, mail order catalogs often have various personalized gifts. As well, the internet is an excellent place to search for personalized baby gifts. However, as mentioned, the most personal gift you can give to a baby is something that is put together by you.

Whether you decide to buy a variety of different items such as teddies, blankets, clothes, etc, and package them together yourself, or you choose to buy a prepackaged set, they will cherish them for many years to come. Try adding a handmade card, for an extra special touch.


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One Response to “Personalized Baptism Gifts”

  1. Rachael Says:
    July 21st, 2008 at 10:12 pm

    Thank you for the great ideas. One of the best gifts is the Word of the Lord. So, one of my favorite gifts to give is a children’s book called “This Bible Talks!” by Pamela Fischer. Narrated by Michael David McGuire. AND then a personalized blanket or pillow to cuddle with. If you want to see the book, here is the webite:

    Thanks again!!!


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