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Religious Crosses

By DaveS | June 27, 2008

Cross Pendants Aren’t Simply Two Intersecting Arms

By Angeline Tang

Regardless of whether you are a religious soul or have become interested in the alluring arrangement of its shape, crosses serve as a deep sign of faith and have also become a popular fashion statement. Whether bejeweled with precious stones, 24-karat gold, or sparkling sterling silver, a wealth of crosses are available on the market that allow individuals to express themselves in any way, shape, form, or weight they desire.

Brief History of the Cross The geometric sign that is created when two lines or bars intersect with one another at a 90-degree angle is called a cross. It is this shape that serves as one of the most ancient of all symbols connected to humans. While the icon is often associated with a variety of religions (with great emphasis towards Christianity), the cross is not always meant to denote faith. Sometimes, a cross represents the world, the four elements, unions, and crossroads…

Today, the symbol has become a popular piece of ornamentation with a vast array of sterling silver cross pendants and other selections that you can find online. Different Types of Crosses While the Christian variation is one of the most known examples of the symbol, you probably didn’t know that the first two centuries of Christianity did not utilize the cross, which was heavily connected to the pain and suffering felt during a crucifixion. Below you will encounter additional instances that utilize the cross design that are rather favorable in today’s fashion and religious world.

Tricolor Gold Crucifix PendantLatin Cross/Crucifix

This particular cross exhibits a longer descending arm than other crosses and most often signifies Christ’s crucifixion. Most sterling silver cross pendants that you see utilize this form of cross. The crucifix is a Latin cross with the body of Christ and is traditionally associated with Roman Catholicism, but by no means exclusively.

Phos Zoe Greek Cross PendantGreek Cross

With a history that dates back to the 4th century, the Greek cross displays arms of equal length (like the symbol of the International Red Cross). The horizontal and vertical bars of equal length on the Greek cross pendant symbolize the intersection of the divine with humanity

Diamond Celtic Cross PendantCeltic Cross

This traditional-style crucifix melds style, religion, and culture into one significant symbol that possesses a circle that encloses the intersection of the upright and crossbar. The origins of the Celtic cross are in dispute—some say it’s a pagan cross symbolizing sun worship; others say that St. Patrick created it.

Silver Maltese Cross Pendant Maltese Cross

When the arms of a Greek cross taper into the center, this selection is referred to as the Maltese Cross. The outer ends of the cross may also display forked characteristics. This cross is often associated with the orders of knights since the Crusades.

Mariners Crucifix PendantMariner’s Cross/Crucifix

Displaying the shape of an anchor, this stylized cross is often referred to as the St. Clement’s Cross, which symbolizes the way this particular individual became a martyr.

In the world of jewelry, the above crosses and many more have all found their place within the selection of sterling silver necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pendants offered at most commercial outlets and online stores. Varied Cross Styles No matter what the intended purpose of wearing a cross, there is a wide range of styles marketed to the public. While some prefer the simplicity of a plain silver cross pendant, others choose to adorn their necks with crosses decorated with precious gemstones, such as diamonds and rubies. Either approach has been known to satisfy both the individual who views the cross as a symbol of faith and the other who may wear their piece to display beauty and style.

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